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Your body is complex and needs more than a combination of synthetic nutrients to feel and function its best. Your body wants and needs nutrition from real food sources.

Mannatech recognizes the value of nutrients from nature, we use science not to "create" nutrition, but simply to "capture" nutrition from nature. Mannatech provides all natural nutrition the way your body wants it!

NutriVerus powder offers the nutrition your body needs, in a natural form that your body wants. NutriVerus is a unique dietary supplement that combines natural, food-source nutrients (vitamins & minerals), glyconutrients, antioxidants (fat & water soluble) in a real-food base of stabilized rice bran, organic vegetables and fruits.

To learn more about the science behind NutriVerus and other Mannatech products visit MannatechScience or listen to Dr. Steve Nugent Understanding NutriVerus.

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NutriVerus Authentic Nutrition by Mannatech.

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