Mannatech Business Opportunity
 Social Entrepreneurship

"Our Real Food Technology based products and our unique purpose-driven business opportunity have positioned us as one of the most unique companies in the world, and 2012 will be about leveraging all of these assets for dynamic growth. We have an unprecedented opportunity to change the world, and that's a life worth living."  Sam Caster, Mannatech Founder

The Mannatech business opportunity focuses on transitioning established research and development into inventive science-backed proprietary patentable technologies that target optimal health and wellness. Furthermore, Mannatech offers its Independent Associates a selection of opportunities to attain their financial pursuits through unique training aids, specialized seminars, and innovative technology. Mannatech believes the combination of its talented and dedicated workforce, coupled with its loyal Independent Associates, technological infrastructure, its incomparable high quality glyconutritional products, plus a very competitive commission structure are the right formula for anyone looking for a purpose-driven business opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

Mannatech believes its global Associate Career and Compensation Plan is one of the most liberal and financially rewarding in the industry. The plan is designed to help facilitate quicker payouts and strengthen customer retention levels. The Mannatech business opportunity offers a unique, multi-tiered compensation stream that is both globally-equitable and capable of boosting potential benefit at virtually every stage of business development

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